There are a lot of talented inventors all over the world who do not finish the process of inventing something just because they don’t know how to proceed and reach the end; i.e.; getting a working prototype of the invention ready for marketing. Invention is both an art and a science. You can apply certain methodologies to go through the whole process of inventing something smoothly. At the same time, it’ll require you to be creative.

The big idea

The first step in inventing a new product is the idea. If you do not have an idea, nothing is going to happen. An idea is the starting step of an invention. It is the foundation of an invention.


Before going ahead and putting in the effort, you need to make sure that your invention has market potential. For this, analyze the existing market and assess the potential for your invention. If it appears that people are clamoring to have a solution to some problem, and that solution appears to be your invention, then you have a great chance of marketing your invention successfully. Otherwise, it may be prudent to revise your initial idea.

Assess competition

Find out your existing competitors. Do not fool yourself saying that your idea is unique and you won’t have any competition. Every product will have competition. Do an honest comparison between your product and your competition. Find out the most important advantages of your invention. If there is no compelling advantage, it is time to go back to the drawing board and refine the idea for your invention.

Build a working prototype

As many of you know, an idea cannot be patented. So, before filing for the patent application, you need to build a working prototype of your invention. Do not focus too much on the finer aspects right now because the working prototype is mainly meant to enable you to file fora patent. It will take years for your patent to be approved, and during that waiting period, you can refine your prototype. Just keep in mind that if you make any significant changes to the prototype, you will have to file again.

Apply for a patent

As soon as you have a working prototype, apply for a patent. This is help you to protect your invention and also will give you credibility while trying to market your invention.

The above steps will hopefully help you to invent a new product. After all, even those who are not geniuses like Benjamin Franklin (or prolific inventors like George Washington Carver) have succeeded in inventing and licensing their products!