The first step in the process of inventing something is the idea. Without the idea there is nothing. However the idea is not enough. A working prototype is needed for applying for a patent for an invention. It is estimated that only around 3 to 7% of the patents issued in USA have had commercial applications built around them. Most of the inventors are not savvy marketers. Unfortunately, in today’s world, an inventor needs to be a marketer as well. You need to be savvy enough to promote your invention effectively and to advertise it using cost-effective channels. The difference between success and failure of an invention; in today’s world, is most of the time the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

Apply for a patent for your invention, if you have not done so already. Even if the patent has not been granted, an invention for which a patent has been applied for will always have a definite advantage over an unprotected invention.

Whichever media or channel you use for advertising your invention, make sure you provide the unique selling proposition (USP) of your invention. This must be very clear to anyone reading or watching your advertising material. The killer advantage which your invention has over your competitors must be obvious to the potential customers.

Make sure that you create a website for your invention. The website must contain the features and benefits of your invention, as well as its unique selling proposition. You can get cost-effective hosting package for your website nowadays.

When you write material for your advertisement, make sure you’re an enthusiastic mood. If you are insipid, it’ll show in your writings.

Provide clear images of your invention from different angles. Create some short videos about your invention.

If you have difficulty in creating all of the above, make sure to seek professional help. Ask a professional reputed marketing company to market it for you.