The idea is the first step. There’s absolutely no question about it. However an idea by itself will be useless. Only very few people execute the next step of building a prototype – a working prototype. Once you have built this, the next step is to apply for a patent. But even getting a patent is not enough. It is estimated that only around 3 to 7% of the patents issued in USA have had commercial applications built around them. The main reason is that an inventor is not a marketing professional. His mindset is totally different. Inventing is the be-all and end-all for most of the inventors. However, it is not enough. In today’s world, an inventor needs to be a savvy marketer as well. Even if your invention happens to be the best invention since sliced cheese, if nobody knows about it, there is no use. Here are some guidelines for advertising your invention effectively.

If you have not applied for a patent for your invention, do so right now. Ill take a long time for the patent to be issued to you, so it is imperative that you apply at the first available opportunity. A patent will provide some sort of a guarantee for your invention when you’re trying to market it.

Create your own website for marketing your invention. The advantage of having this is that if anyone wants to know more about your invention, you can always direct them to your website, and thus, reduce the risk of forgetting to mention any of the benefits which your product may have over your competitors. This hosting company provides an excellent domain registration and hosting package.

Try to find out reputable marketing firms who will market your invention for you. (There are a lot of scammers operating, so be very careful. Visit for information about the scams.) Do not pay a large upfront payment. Make sure to check their reputation at the Better Business Bureau website. Once you find a reputable marketing firm work actively with them.

Make sure that you mentioned your friends, family and relatives about your invention. If they are willing, request them to tell anyone who may be interested.

Trade shows are a great way to build awareness for your invention. Make sure you attend trade shows which are relevant to your invention. You may need to pay an attendance fee, but it is usually worth it. Make sure that you have enough business cards to give anyone who may be interested. Practice your pitch beforehand. Be professional.