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Ancient Chinese inventions

China has been known as the source of many incredible inventions that have revolutionized many industries and have had an impact in today’s world as we know it. The ancient Chinese community invented a number of technologies in the field of mechanics, mathematics, hydraulics and many others. These inventions, especially in

Jethro Tull the inventor

Jethro Tull was an Agricultural Pioneer who aided in the in bringing about the Agricultural Revolution in Britain. His most celebrated achievement was the invention of

George Washington Carver

Peanut man! That was the nickname of George Washington Carver, mainly because of all his peanut related inventions. He was an American scientist and inventor whose main claim to fame was

Marie Curie

Madam Curie is one of the most revered female physicists and is well known for her discovery of several radioactive metals including Radium and Polonium. Together with her husband, she studied the x-rays they emitted. She discovered that the harmful rays