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How to invent a new product

There are a lot of talented inventors all over the world who do not finish the process of inventing something just because they don’t know how to proceed and reach the end; i.e.; getting a working prototype of the invention ready for marketing. Invention is both an art and a science. You can apply

Cyrus McCormick

Cyrus Hall McCormick, Sr. was born in 1809 at Walnut Grove, Virginia to Robert McCormick and Mary Ann Hall McCormick who migrated from Great Britain to USA. He and his family were considerably influential. He was born into a family of eight children as the eldest son. Mechanical Reaper Robert McCormick, Cyrus’ father, was an […]

Garrett Morgan

Inventor: Garret Augustus Morgan Inventions: Traffic signal, respiratory protective hood, hair-straightening preparation One man who proved himself to be someone with people oriented idea is Garret Augustus Morgan Sr. His practical approach to issues earned him a lot of respect from people around him. His humble beginning too endeared him to the common man. All […]

20th century inventions

20th century was notable for many historic events – two world wars, independence and democracy for many nations, economic upheavals, and more. This was also the period during which a multitude of inventions occurred. Invention of radio One of the inventions of the twentieth century was the radio. It was one of the major inventions […]

Elias Howe

Elias Howe is known all over the world as an inventor of sewing machine. He was born in Spenser, Massachusetts on July 9, 1819. When he completed his education he got a job of mechanist. He always had interest in observing machinery. When he was working in a textile mill, he thought about the idea […]

Charles Drew

Probably, there wouldn’t have been anything like the American Red Cross blood program of today, if not for men like Dr. Charles Richard Drew. He was not only a great pioneer in Medical Science (especially in area of blood banking), but was also one of the first to speak out against