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Biography of Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday was born on September twenty second, 1791 in England. He was well known as a physicist and a chemist. He had several

Invention of Franklin stove

Most families in early colonial America used fires in fireplaces as a way to keep the home warm. They did so, despite the fact that it required an extraordinary amount of wood and was even somewhat hazardous to use. In 1742, Benjamin Franklin resolved many of these issues by

Invention of the lightning rod by Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin’s love for storms was the driving force that led to his invention of lightning rod based conduction of electricity. In 1746, Franklin was closely watching

Bourdon tube invention

The invention of Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge technology came about in 1849, when Frenchman Eugene Bourdon patented the design. Due to the fact that it was more

Invention of baby carriage

In 1733, Willam Kent, an architect from England, was attributed with the invention of baby carriage technology, though the original versions of this contraption were quite different from those around today. Kent created this for

Invention of ballpoint pen

The invention of Ball point pens was actually caused by the culmination of a chain of events. New York’s Gimbels Department Store was the first to have a monumental sale of ball point pens where a great number of