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Eli Whitney

Eli Whitney is one of the best known American inventors. He was an inventor, engineer, and manufacturer all rolled into one. His name holds place among other American inventors of the likes of Thomas Alva Edison and Alexander Graham Bell. Eli Whitney transformed the economy of the USA and arguably transformed the nature of global […]

Inventions that changed the world

History is peppered with path breaking inventions that changed the world. Some were accidental, some were the result of diligent planning and execution. Some were quick, some took years of hard toil. Here, we provide a comprehensive list of inventions up to the 20th century that changed the world dramatically. Model T Ford Model T […]

Benjamin Banneker

Benjamin Banneker was one of the USA’s most illustrious but little known personalities. He was a genius who rose from very difficult circumstances, and with bare minimum formal education managed to educate and transform himself into an inventor, astronomer, writer, advocate of human rights and determined opposer of slavery. His contributions to farmers in the […]

Amazon Patents Video Recording?

Trust Amazon to do something controversial. Amazon’s patent for “One Click” raised a lot of ruckus back when it was publicized. Now, they are back with another patent. This time, it is for recording the employees packing their products. Here is an excerpt from the patent:

National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductees

Inventors Inducted to the National Inventors Hall of Fame Do you play with XBox, PlayStation or Wii? Have you ever thought about who made it all possible? The man’s name is Ralph Baer. Baer invented the Magnavox Odyssey Home Video Game System back in 1972. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame this year […]